Terms and conditions for tenants and service users in apartments operated by Svadla s.r.o.


Service provider:

ŠVADLA, s.r.o.,

Company address Čelakovského sady 433/10, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2

IČ: 24301205


1. General conditions

The company Svadla s.r.o, ID: 24301205 further refered to as the landlord, publishes its general terms and conditions in accordance with the consumer rights act 1751 zákona č. 89/2012 Sb.:


The subject of these terms and conditions is to clarify the relationship between the landlord, client and the provision of services. The terms and conditions are an integral part of negotiations between the landlord an client, by confirmation of the reservaton the client accepts the following terms and conditions.


2- Reservation of services.

The reservation of accommodation in apartments Svadlenka can only be in written form either by post, email or by completing the on line form on the web pages of the landlord, or by telephone in which case the reservation is only deemed valid after written confirmation as been received.


The reservation can be made by the client for themselves or for a third party, the landlord can confirm the reservation in the same way as it was made. Reservation of accommodation has to include the following information:

  • Name and surname of the client.
  • Dates of stay.
  • Contact details, telephone number, permanent address and email.
  • Payment method for services.
  • Number of additional adult guests and children with ages.
  • Type and number of additional services eg. Sauna, half board, taxi, additional beds, accommodation of animals etc.


The landlord usually processes the reservation within 24 hours, sends available options, does not accept the reservation or offers the client alternative dates.

The reservation is confirmed in writing by the landlord, the client is required to check the confirmation and communicate any alterations within 24 hours.


The reservation is binding, for the selection of additional services the prices listed in the confirmation are non negotiable.


3- Payment terms


To have your accommodation confirmed a 50% deposit of the accommodation cost must be paid, no later than 5 days after the reservation was made. The deposit is expected to be credited to the landlords bank account if alternative arrangements have not been made prior. If the client does not pay the deposit in time the landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation and demand from the client the relevant penalty payments as published in section 6 of these terms and conditions.

The client is bound to pay all fees and deposits pertaining to accommodation and services by the following methods:

  1. by bank transfer to the landlords account, it is important that proof of payment is shown when checking in. Or
  2. by post office counter slip which will be sent to the client by registered letter at their request. Confirmation of payment must be shown when checking in. Or
  3. - by credit card via the on line payment portal on the landlords web pages.


In the accommodation fee, local taxes such as accommodation and spa are not covered, the rates are set and published by the local council. Full settlement of the balance for accommodation has to be paid 60 days prior to date of arrival, unless alternative written arrangements have been made prior


If the client does not pay fees pertaining to ordered services the landlord has the right to cancel the confirmed reservation and request in addition the the outstanding sum an interest payment of 0.5% of the outstanding sum per day. The landlord reserves the right to use any payment of the client to settle any outstanding bill of the client that may be past due.


4- Rights and responsibilities of the client

the client has the right of use of the apartment for the time allocated. The apartment is handed over to the client always on Saturdays between 15 and 20h. If a handover is requested prior in writing after the normal period 20-24h a surcharge of 350CZK will be incurred.


The client is required to treat the landlords property with care. Any discovered fault, or incurred damage the client is duty bound to inform the landlord immediately. The client should maintain cleanliness and order within the apartment, ski storage area and in the shared areas. The client is required to maintain night time calm during 22-6h. The client is required to ensure the safety of their property to avoid its loss. The landlord insurance does not cover personal items due to the nature of the accommodation, and the daily running of the premises.


The client has the right to a warranty refund regarding failures in supplied services. Any refunds have to be announced with out delay so rectification can take place, preferably on site. Detailed information regarding claims can be found in the section Warranty conditions.


The client is required to pay in full prior to departure any costs incurred by themselves or their guests, such a additional services, and value added tax.


The client is responsible for all accompanying persons during the period of stay in the accommodation, and is responsible to be with them when they pass through all shared areas. The clients guests have the same responsibilities as the client. The landlord has the right to deny entry to other parties to the accommodation, or expel any undesirable person.


The client is responsible for all and any damage caused by themselves or any of their guests which known or unknown to the landlord are using the facilities.


The client is requested to return the apartment in the condition that it was handed over to them. In short clean the premises, remove crockery and cutlery from the dishwasher, take out any rubbish from the bins, sweep and mop the floors, remove bed sheets, duvet, pillow covers and towels and leave them on one pile on the floor. In the situation that the client does not hand back the apartment in the state they received it, the landlord is permitted to issue a 1000CZK fine, unless the client has ordered prior to taking up residence cleaning services.


The client is required to vacate the apartment by the allocated time. If the client does not vacate by the allocated time the landlord is permitted to bill an additional day or remove the clients luggage to enable access to another client so that their consumer rights are not violated.


The client is forbidden:

-To enable access, accommodation, overnighting on the premises to any third party or to lend the keys to the premises to any third party,

-Move any furniture from one room to another without the permission of the landlord,

-Smoke in the bedrooms, hallways and shared areas,

-Interfere with the mains electricity, mains water, fiber optic cabling and central heating system,

-Change light bulbs for others with higher output,

-To bring onto the premises, namely into the rooms combustible, explosive, burning materials, weapons, narcotics including marijuana, gas appliances, electric heaters, electric cookers or washing machines,

-Adjust or replace door locks,

-Foul the shared areas or the surrounding premises,

-Breed any animal on the premises including aquarium fish,

-Throw out, or pour out of the windows water or any other fluids, furniture, electrical items or personal possessions, food, litter or any other items,


The requirements for accommodation on the premises of the landlord are to maintain the basic principles of communal life, tolerance, mutual respect in accordance with consumer law, maintaining night time calm, maintaining cleanliness within and around the premises. For breach of any of these terms and conditions the landlord has the right to issue a fine of 1000CZK.


The right to be accommodated on the premises ceases on the last day of the reservation issued by the landlord.


The right to be accommodated lapses the moment the client breaches these terms and conditions, by a major breach of common courtesy, if the client does not pay in advance for accommodation. In situations such as these the landlord has the right to terminate the accommodation service without any obligation to refund the remainder of the clients remaining fee.


The right to be accommodated on the premises ceases when the pre paid period come to an end. The client is obliged to hand back the apartment, ski storage area and requisites by 10.00h. If these obligations are not met a fine of 1000CZK can be issued. When the accommodation period comes to an end the client no longer has the right to allocation of substitute accommodation.




5- Rights of the landlord

The landlord reserves the the right in exceptional circumstances to offer the client alternative accommodation contrary to what was initial agreed, as long as it is similar to the original confirmed booking.


The landlord has the right to bill the client during the time of their residence.


The landlord can only extend the accommodation of the client only if there is a vacancy available.


If the client chooses to vacate the premises earlier than agreed, the landlord has the right to charge for the complete booking including services.


The landlord has the right to terminate the contract immediately and without refunding the client of his money if:

  • The client deliberately or recklessly damages the property of the landlord, the clients behavior is contrary to accepted correct social behavior or by what is said proves to be problematic to a third party,
  • The clients health negatively threatens the health of third persons or staff,
  • As a result of a greater power.


The submitted personal details of the client can only be used by the landlord to process the contractual agreement between landlord and client.


6- Cancellation procedure.

If the client decides to cancel the closed contract, the client is bound to pay the following cancellation fees listed below.


  • 30% of the cost of the accommodation fee if canceled more than 45 days prior to check in date,
  • 70% of the cost of the accommodation fee if canceled within days 45 to 21 prior to check in date,
  • 100% of the cost of the accommodation fee if canceled less than 21 days prior to check in date.


7- Conclusion of the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are an intrinsic part of the reservation process, for group bookings amendments to the reservation terms can be negotiated. If the client does not receive the conditions, the client has the right to request them from the landlord. The client is required to familiarize themselves with the conditions prior to completing the reservation. The landlord is obliged to publish all relevant details via their Internet pages, reservation forms and provide on request of the client all required information prior to the clients closure of contract.


These terms and conditions are valid as of 1/10/2015 changes to the published terms and conditions can be negotiated between the client and the landlord only in written form.


Prague 1.10.2015

Jan Pacovský,

Director ŠVADLA, s.r.o.